Fraud Prevention Services Pty Ltd, ACN 056 561 249, was established in 1993. Since its establishment the company has assisted many public and private sector organisations to implement effective fraud control strategies and ethics programs.

 Fraud Prevention Services bases its operations on the belief that the majority of employees are honest, and want to work in an honest environment.

 The company provides expertise to create a positive ethical culture in organisations and to take appropriate measures to deal with internal and external exposures to fraud, corruption and unethical conduct.

 Fraud Prevention Services provides a comprehensive fraud control approach that goes beyond merely looking at systems of control and investigating criminal fraud.

The company helps organisations to establish ethical standards, and communicate such standards to staff and other appropriate people. It provides education and awareness training in fraud control and ethical issues, improves systems of internal control, conducts fraud risk assessments, improves the investigation of ethical breaches and helps ensure that effective action is taken when fraud occurs.

The approach of Fraud Prevention Services is proactive, aiming to help prevent fraud and corruption rather than react to fraud that may be discovered.

We tailor our approach for our clients and for the environment within which our clients operate rather than merely applying American fraud control practices and off the shelf approaches.  

Fraud Prevention Services works to improve employee morale through effective fraud control and ethics programs, improve employee relations by reducing potential conflict areas in ethics and practices, and improve the bottom line for organisations by reducing loss through fraud, corruption and unethical practices.

The approach favoured by the company is to transfer skills to clients wherever possible so that clients can be self-reliant in this area.

The company’s client list includes many of Australia’s leading organisations.






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