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Fraud is bigger than drugs

Fraud is by far the most serious economic crime in Australia and the world. A recent NSW Crime Agency report says fraud is the biggest illegal money spinner in Australia, ahead of drug running.  

Almost every large business has suffered from fraud – survey after survey shows this. Small and medium businesses are often destroyed by frauds perpetrated against them.

Law enforcement is unable to cope with the enormous number of frauds perpetrated against businesses and the public sector.


Most frauds easily prevented

The real pity is that most frauds could have been prevented. There are many stock standard frauds that we see again and again as well as new ones that if people knew about they could have protected themselves against. Once you are hit by a particular fraud you know how to prevent it happening again, but learning from experience is a costly way of learning.

In this manual we will help you learn from the experience of others so that you can see what works and what doesn’t for hundreds of different frauds. Numerous frauds are explained so that you need not be caught.  

Sound systems of internal control are useful but they will not stop every fraud. We explain specific measures you should take that are often overlooked in the standard controls.


Secrets of fraud

Here’s a small sample of some of the secrets of fraud that you’ll learn from the manual:

Ø   How fraudsters use illusion and distraction in the same way as magicians to get past your guard

Ø   41 indicators that you might have purchasing fraud going on in your company

Ø   How to spot when someone is lying to you

Ø   How to spot forgery (forgers leave telltale clues for you)

Ø   Tricks that forgers use to hide their forgeries (even if you miss the clues of forgery you can catch the forgers by the tricks they use)

Ø   26 different types of payroll frauds

Ø   The psychology of why fraudsters do it (usually it’s not simply for the money)

Ø   30 checks that will help you prevent inventory frauds

Ø   How a senior partner at a Big 5 accounting practice meticulously forged personnel records to hide two “ghosts” on the payroll, how a fraudster used a bomb scare to hide an illegal multimillion dollar bank transfer, how computer security consultants hired to protect a database tried to steal it, and many more real cases.

Ø   Details of information frauds that cost billions of dollars a year

Ø   How fraudsters easily overcome the separation of duties controls designed to stop them defrauding the payments system.

If you know what to expect you are well on your way to protecting your business. This manual is here to help you.

It is written so that everyone can understand and use it, not only the experts.

It is practical and best of all it is easy to find what you need when you need it.


No Risk

We are so confident about our manual that we will make it a no risk deal for you. If you are not happy with it send it back within three months and we will repay you in full.



The authors are two of Australia’s leading fraud prevention experts and have distilled years of experience into this manual.

It contains details of thousands of different kinds of frauds with numerous actual cases, checklists of what you can do to prevent and detect the frauds, and lists of indicators to show if particular frauds are happening in your business.



As an introductory offer the cost of the investigations manual is $58.00, postage and handling of $20 and GST of $7.80

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