Step by step

The manual is a step by step approach to conducting an investigation. It covers each step from receiving the allegation to appearing in court so that it is easy for you to know what to do next and to know that you have done everything that needs to be done. 


A uniquely Australian manual

The laws governing investigations are different in each country. Following an American investigations manual could lead to important evidence being thrown out by a court. For example in America you are allowed to trick people into confessing, whereas in Australia that would often make the confession invalid. In America you are expected to physically mark evidence, which is frowned on here.

Our investigations manual has been written to reflect the environment in which you will be undertaking investigations.



Why reinvent the wheel when you can relax and use our proformas? The manual contains many proformas to make your life easier and help give you the reassurance that you need.



Have you forgotten something in the investigation? It could be something crucial that you have just overlooked. There are a range of checklists to help you with quality control. This is especially important where you are relying on the help of others.


Useful tips

The manual contains numerous useful tips to make your investigation easier and more successful. For example we remind you to keep a record of phone calls. Many investigators don’t do this and lose credibility in a court or if their investigation is reviewed by an Ombudsman or corruption fighting organization.

We have got useful tips on setting up an interview where the person wants to have an observer. Arrange the seating so that the observer is behind the subject of the interview but within your sight. This prevents the observer indicating to the subject how to answer and also allows you to see his reactions. The observer’s reactions often indicate when the subject has lied, when you have touched a topic that is worth pursuing, etc.

There are many more useful tips covering all aspects of the investigation.



Our manual is not a collection of theory and ivory tower stuff. People have complained to us about manuals that are written that have a chapter on arrests, a chapter on interrogations, a chapter on Judges rules, etc. With that kind of manual you tend to say: “It is very nice you are giving me the theory but what do I actually have to do next”. Our manual is practical dealing with the nuts and bolts of investigations, based on many years of conducting investigations.


Avoid the traps

There are many traps in the course of an investigation. For example many accounts will say to a suspected fraudster: “Tell us what you did and repay the money and we will let you resign without having the police called.” In legal terms this a threat and/or inducement and would result in the evidence being thrown out in court.

We help you avoid the traps that many unwary investigators fall into.


Success stories

We have written investigation manuals and procedures for some of Australia’s leading organizations and have reviewed the investigation procedures for others.


No Risk

We are so confident about our manual that we will make it a no risk deal for you. If you are not happy with it send it back within three months and we will repay you in full.



As an introductory offer the cost of the investigations manual is $58.00, postage and handling of $20 and GST of $7.80


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