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Ethics Induction Training

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Induction training is an extremely important method of ensuring that the organisation maintains a high ethical culture and does not allow unethical practices to flourish. 

Most organisations have induction training for new staff or staff transferred from other divisions. Unfortunately this training is often not effective as it is not taken seriously, overwhelms staff with information, is rushed and generally inadequate. This list is provided to help you ensure that the induction training in your area is carried out properly. 

1.     Does the induction training include issues such as use and release of information; conflicts of interest; use of resources; gifts and benefits; reporting unethical conduct; second employment or business; protecting resources and information; attitudes to staff, suppliers and customers; and so on? 

2.      Does the induction consist of more than just giving handouts to the new staff? 

3.      Does the induction give participants an opportunity to really discuss the ethical issues? 

4.      Is the training undertaken in a way that does not overwhelm the new staff? 

5.      Is the induction training undertaken by a person with the appropriate knowledge, attitudes and stature? 

6.      Are staff given handouts, copies of the Code of Conduct and Ethics, appropriate policies and procedures, etc? 

7.      Is the induction training long enough to allow the contents to be adequately covered? 

8.      Is the training undertaken in groups small enough to allow proper interaction? 

9.      Is the induction training in a workshop format as opposed to only lectures? 

10.  Is the training supported, and not undermined, by line management? 

11.  Is the training supported by subsequent training and awareness activities?


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