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Screening Out Crooks

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It seems like the fraud-fighters dream - an effective method of ensuring that people with low integrity are not hired by your organisation.  

Yet according to a study integrity testing as part of the hiring process is remarkably effective in screening out low integrity individuals. 

Seniz Ones, Chockalingam Viswesvaran and Frank Schmidt have published a report in the Journal of Applied Psychology which is surprising and could be useful to managers. 

The researchers analysed over forty tests and data reporting on test results of over half a million testees. 

They found that these tests are good indicators of low integrity staff.  

Almost incredulously, the authors report that many individuals will answer honestly a question such as: "Please indicate the total amount of money you have stolen in your last job". 

It is reported that low integrity individuals seem to believe that "everybody does it" and therefore admit to their own misdeeds. 

It seems they also suspect that their track records are known to prospective employers, and admit to what they have done in their previous jobs. 

This report is certainly interesting and it would be worthwhile for researchers to see to what extent it is applicable to Australia. 

Even without Australian research, human resources areas might find it valuable to adapt and implement this approach.




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